The long silence…

Who knew it would take this long before I could emote again?

It is three months since my last blog. Sounds a bit like a confessional except I can absolutely categorically state that I have not sinned!!

I could say that life has been full of exciting and thrilling incidents but we all know that lockdown does not generally deliver excitement nor thrills.

I have (mostly) been locked in working my way through a long snagging list with an occasional and necessary visit from Neil.

The latest news is simple. The house is complete.

It stands on it’s own without Builder Girl holding it up. Nothing is tilting; no unnecessary wind tunnels nor indoor waterfalls. No slippages. Holes only where they are supposed to be. Floors are level. Doors close. Windows are sealed.

It is secure. It is warm (remarkably so); quiet, spacious yet cosy, fully functioning and legal.

Was it worth the enormous effort and expense?

Well….yes I think so. It is really rather lovely. What was once a dark, poorly laid-out, structurally unsound old pub is now a large modern family home.


I cannot state loud enough how much easier this job was because I had the opportunity of working with Neil and Andy. Patient brilliance!

I have always had project management skills because of my recent past career. What I didn’t know was how to strip a building and then how to reinstate it. Not that I could do it again without help but my knowledge bank has increased dramatically.

My personal toolbox used to consist of a couple of screwdrivers and a hammer. I now have a cupboard full of tools and I know how to use them without causing damage to myself or others. I even bought a new SDS drill last week….surely a sign that Builder Girl has evolved!!

I could go on about what I have learnt but that would be a bit boring.

There were some key decisions that affected the project. We changed the downstairs layout from the architects drawings once we knocked down walls and could see the space. A great decision. The “flow” of the house is just right.

I changed my mind about underfloor heating for downstairs many times. Never again. Not only does it free walls from radiators but it is warm where and when you want it (I have 6 zones) and without any effort. It is an absolute delight and I would highly recommend it. Mec-Serv were my supplier and although their website shows mostly massive projects they handle individual home requirements brilliantly. Let me know if you want an introduction.

There are a few things I would do differently if this was going to be my forever home – personal tweaks – and if the budget had been bigger. But I have no complaints – and frankly nor do those who have been inside.

The outside space still needs a bit of love so I have started regular visits to the garden centres surrounding the village. There are many, and they vary in offerings and price. Whoever ends up living here – in a few years – may wish to dig up and lay soil down but I am concentrating on container gardening using an App to help me with the planting!

Builder Girl is definitely not Gardener Girl in disguise.

Next is the new house build on the carpark and I already have tenants lined up. But there is a delay and not of my doing. We await South Somerset Council’s actions regarding a build up of phosphate on the Somerset Moors. I await a response from them explaining to me why my new house is supposedly affecting the phosphate levels. They don’t seem to have an answer.

For now though I quietly await the lifting of restrictions. I, like everyone, miss my friends and family and I want to give my old mum over in Wales a big hug.

I also want to get back on the golf course…

And to start my upholstery course…

And to up the tennis game…

And to go on a date in a restaurant…




Not really a builder. Nor a girl in the youthful sense of the word. Bitten by the building bug and keeping a record of the experience. Know a little but learning a lot!

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