Patience is a virtue…

That is what I have learnt recently. Of course I’ve always known that patience is a virtue but saying it aloud does have significant resonance at the moment.

Still no plaster. Nothing I can do about it. Yet.

Still no telephone line. No broadband. Poor mobile signal. Nothing I can do about it. Yet.

Still hoping Mr Clooney (the real one) turns up to visit Mr Clooney (the wheel one). Sorry…nothing to do with patience. Just thinking out loud again.

I require patience to wait for the tiling to be done properly. It’s not a job that should be rushed. It is getting done in those rooms that were plastered, and I am very pleased with the results so far. Nathan’s attention to detail is lovely to watch. Believe it or not, the first finished en-suite has used every tile purchased. That is either a genius effort on my part or I am a lucky little ‘sort’ and I ended up accidentally ordering the exact amount of tiles required.

I prefer the genius title!

Of course, this now gives me some minor concerns that the other tiles ordered may be under or over the quantities needed. Or perhaps I am really a genius and it’s only just coming to light. I am pretty sure my Mother used to ask me this question all the time. “So you think you’re a genius?” I always thought the question was laced with sarcasm…but perhaps not.

After the last week when my hormones were running riot along with my body temperature I am pleased to say I have settled down into what is normal for me. It’s just as well as this week we have a fully functioning boiler and, at last, we tested the underfloor heating downstairs. That meant starting at 20 degrees and eventually raising the temperature to 40 degrees. It felt warm!

To help with the warmth, we had the log burner fitted this week too. In for a penny…etc.

I wonder if the fellas working on site knew I was showing them what it’s like to work whilst going through the menopause?

Sometimes this is a difficult project for me to manage and then something happens and I realise how lucky I am. This week a long-time golfing buddy – a decent, honourable, good man died. His family are devastated and my heart bleeds for them.


RIP Gary S.

Not a typical week…

I start by saying that women who typically go through the menopause can be anything from 40 something upwards…Just saying.

Sunday evening – somewhere in Somerset.
The planned underfloor heating test has not happened so I am unnecessarily here earlier than normal. It is annoying but there have been so many missed deadlines on this project I am at the stage of just taking a deep breath, shaking my head and setting a new deadline.

Monday evening – still in Somerset.
Had the underfloor heating been on the property was going to be too hot to work in so I booked myself on to a 2-day tiling course fairly local to my project. It’s at a training centre that delivers apprenticeship training for the building trade so I expected to be in a class of 17-year-olds! I thought about cancelling it several times, not sure I could take the humiliation (in my mind) but I’d already worked up a handful of “older than your mother/grandmother” retorts to show the youngsters how hip I am.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up to find this weeks trainees comprise members of the armed forces and me! I cried a little (see first sentence!). Sometimes my timing is inexplicably good. Two groups. My class has 2 Navy, 2 RAF and 2 Army – all men. They will soon be turning Civilian and are taking courses that may lead to future employment.

As That There Builder Girl my normal daily attire is paint-splattered shorts or jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie for the cold days, along with my dirty, stained boots. Hair pulled back and tied up with a bandana. No makeup, no perfume. A glorious statement of womanhood! My tiling attire today was no different. The only change was my skin colour as I occasionally peeked at a sweaty bright red as another hot flush whizzed its way through my body. I think they believe I just embarrass easily.

Do you think it’ll look odd if I turn up tomorrow all spruced up; eyes a glitter with makeup, painted lips and casually attired in clean, ironed clothes? A summer dress, perhaps.

Yeah, me too.

I did offer the fellas the opportunity of a real-life project that they could practice their skills on. The house….not me…but they all have to go home to their loved ones!!

By the way the tiling training is good. I have been focussed. Yes indeed.

Thursday evening – in the Frozen North (I wish!)
Tiling in the property started on Wednesday. Not by me. Two days of training does not make Builder Girl an expert tiler. I am, however, going to be tiling the bathroom floor in the flat in Bristol. Nathan is doing everything here for the next 15 – 18 days. He started upstairs in an en-suite and will work his way through nearly 65m2 of tiling. Just the little that has been done so far fills my little heart with joy! How easily I get excited these days (see first sentence!)

Shower tiled and underfloor heating in the ensuite

Saturday morning – in Bristol.
A good nights sleep. Cool and comfortable.

This week was steamy and not just on the tiling course. I am mostly pretending the menopause doesn’t affect me. It isn’t happening even though I have to go through occasional crazy weeks like the one just passed. On and off for years now. Definitely on this week.

I can tell you it was seriously uncomfortable heat during the day and even more so at night with Mr. Clooney. I spent much of the week priming woodwork and MDF anywhere in the property, regularly crying over spilt paint and leaving a little trail of sweat behind me as I meandered.

I spent my evenings throwing my bedclothes on and off and weeping at YouTube videos of puppies and kittens whilst intermittently sending angry tweets to my telecommunication providers.

Thank goodness Neil and Andy removed the big tools from the property.

What a life…