One step forward…

Another week done and dusted. Plastered and painted actually, but I couldn’t find an appropriate saying to cover that off.

Another week plastered suggests something else!!

Plaster – what we have of it – has been applied and is drying. 40 bags of Multifinish, a bulk bag of sand and half a dozen bags of cement along with some of the 25 bags of hardwall. The house is probably half done if you add up the m2. But there will be no more plastering now until mid to end August or even first week of September.

Frustrating to say the least.

Painting and decorating is now an in-house job. It’s not to say that I think I can do the job as good as a professional. Certainly not, but budgets have been stretched, mangled, crushed…you get the idea.

I spent a day – actually probably even more – with my trusty pencil, calculator, tape measure and notepad working out how much paint might be needed for the decoration process. I asked a very good friend who does this for a living in Bristol what I should be purchasing – Matt, Vinyl, Silk, Eggshell, Dulux, Amstead, Crown, F&B etc. He advised accordingly on the products but also on the tools I might need. I am now a trade customer for Dulux Decorator Centre and the local branch in Yeovil were also very helpful.

I read the technical details of the paint (I really did). I calculated the paint requirements based on coverage of litre per square metre and ordered my first batch of paints along with poles, brushes, scuttles, sanders, etc. This week I have been focusing on Bed 1/Ensuite 1 ceilings and walls to get the job started. First a mist coat, then a second and third coat.

What is patently clear is my calculations for how much paint is needed means diddly squat. I have no idea how a professional gets 16m2/litre out of the paint I am using but I can tell you right now that I will be lucky if I achieve half of the stated usage. Of course, each session does mean I cover myself in a fair bit of paint so perhaps I should be accounting for that.

Not really the moisturiser I would normally choose!

I cannot explain how painful it is painting ceilings with a weak back. My first effort of just one mist coat in Bed 1 had me lying on the floor in Mr. Clooney doping myself up on ibuprofen and going through the stretch exercises my bestie, Annie, has given me over the years. My first night’s sleep (or lack of sleep) following the painting effort was ridiculously painful.

I told myself it can only get easier as my technique improves – and thankfully it did as the week progressed. Just one more coat required for Ensuite 1 ceiling . Bed 1 walls to be finished. It’s slow because it has to be done properly.

I also need plenty of rest breaks or my back won’t survive. I do have much stronger prescribed drugs to counter the pain but I would be worried about the paint job if I took them. Am not sure psychedelic swirls would be everyone’s decor choice.

There is always something else to do onsite when not painting, and I am still loading the skip and cleaning. Plastering is a mucky job so there has been plenty of clearing up to do.

In the meantime, the paperwork continues. I ordered the external doors. That was a leap of faith. I would have loved to get some beautiful front and back doors but (and you’ve heard it before) the budget has been stretched. So we are going pretty traditional.

I have also booked in the fitting of the wood stove. At this rate I will need it working before the house is complete. I also have an appointment this coming week with the flooring company to measure up for carpets and LVT.

So things are moving…but oh so much slower than I want.

In the meantime, I returned back to Bristol exhausted and filthy – again. I found paint everywhere even though I do strip wash every day in Mr. Clooney.

I had paint in my ears! I thought I had a streak of paint in my left eyebrow too but after much scrubbing it turned out to be a long grey hair. Reminder: need to get eyes tested.

I should go and get a haircut but I daren’t show them the mess and I am worried they will find blobs of paint, clumps of plaster, dollops of dust and dirt that I have missed.

Oh what a beauty…