Pushing on and on…

I need to dispel the myth that I have an inside track with 10 Downing Street. I closed the site in the morning (March 23) and then the lockdown was announced that night. I started the process to re-open the when I visited 5/6/7 May prior to the PM’s announcement on Sunday 9th. This meant we would have deliveries arriving at 8am on Monday morning and could start work immediately.

For future reference, I have made a diary note to visit my sister’s fully operational and re-opened pub for the second week of August. Let’s see if my timing is right for then? If it is, I am going to stand for election as a political soothsayer !!

In the meantime, my little project is pushing on. The plumber is here this week for first fix. Courtney has the place to himself inside the property and is very helpful at explaining what he is doing. A lot of new terminology for me to grasp. The forced time off has done little to help my memory or learning capabilities but he is being very relaxed with my odd and sometimes daft questions.

Externally, the final render and painting has (almost) been finished by Pete and Morgan. Pete on one side of the building. Morgan on the other. It’s looking quite lovely – apart from the front and back doors which are still being knocked about with deliveries, etc. They will not be replaced until they can be safely entered without causing damage.

The stairs have been ordered, not from the original company as they are still closed and have no idea when (if) they are going to re-open. So a single flight of stairs has been ordered from Howdens along with numerous parts – oak rails, spindles, newels, caps, etc. Then some more timber and sheets of various board so that Jonathan the carpenter can work his magic. Jonathan will be with us for a couple of weeks (on and off) as he tackles numerous jobs from door linings, window boards, airing cupboards, door hanging, skirting, architrave and more.

But first we start fixing plasterboard – required on almost every wall and every ceiling. Foil backed for bathrooms along with soundboard and fireboard and, of course, the standard plasterboard. So Monday and Tuesday will see the delivery of 180 sheets of plasterboard and over 300m2 of insulation material for the loft, walls and floor.

This also means the return of my favourite duo, Neil and Andy.

Is this the new normal…?


Not really a builder. Nor a girl in the youthful sense of the word. Bitten by the building bug and keeping a record of the experience. Know a little but learning a lot!

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