Who stole my ooomph…?

I, like the rest of the country, am struggling with all the time I have on my hands. As I heard about this lockdown I thought of all things I could do whilst incarcerated. The list is as long as it was two plus weeks ago. Nothing ticked off.

Until this morning.

A friend of mine tells me that routine is really important at times like this so I am getting back into some sort of routine. I have spent the last few days sorting out my finances. This delay will make some impression on my budget and I need to plan for it in some way or another. Anyone know where I can find a money growing tree !!

Frankly, the new budget is likely to be as accurate as licking my finger and sticking it in the air…but I have to think about it.

I have agreed that the first fix electrical work will continue in my absence from site, with the proviso that anything wrongly positioned will not incur a huge cost for me once we are starting again. This allows the electrician to earn during the lockdown, and work on his own thus reducing any risk to his health whilst working on my project. It’s not ideal, but we all need to be as flexible as possible.

I am also looking at the items that my be required as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Plasterboard, insulation (even more of the stuff), tiles, etc. The stairs may take a little while to build so will be talking to the man about these too. Also the front and back door.

In the meantime, I have a flat that requires a little redecoration and a load of auction-purchased furniture that is going to be sanded, painted and waxed.

I have a guitar (given by my parents at age 16) and I have always wanted to see if I have any musical capability. It’s doubtful but I have found an excellent online resource so will give it a go. I have pulled out a few more books, and have started my podcast listening journey again.

Who knows how this will all end. I watch the news and am distraught for those that have lost their loved ones and regularly burst into tears for them and the bravery and selflessness of our incredible key workers. Never have I felt so useless.

Neil and Andy are keeping themselves busy. Neil tells me he has counted all the nuts, bolts and screws in his van. Funny that – I have counted all the nails and screws we have put into my property.

I bet I win…

Keep safe everyone.