Timing is everything (part two)…

So back in December I wrote about how important timing was.

You’d think I would follow my own posts. Timing is very important and I forgot. I have been so focussed on getting to a first fix date that I have forgotten to allow for a number of other to-dos prior to first fix. This week has therefore been a rush to get some additional quotes in for a carpenter and tiler. Anyone who has done this type of work knows that it can take weeks, if not months to get good trades booked in.

I am hoping to get a cancellation slot just to get some of the must have work done in the next couple of weeks…but we shall see.

In the meantime, Neil and Andy are back on the tools following a week away whilst the UFH and screed was laid. The final 60mm insulation boards were delivered on Monday and this will allow us to finish the external walls over the next 2 weeks. We have been through approximately 400m of batten upstairs and 80 sheets of insulation. Sometime soon we are going to have to work out exactly how much plasterboard is needed…a mildly terrifying thought given the cost. Plus of course I still need to order further insulation for between the walls and the roof space.

The screed looks gorgeous…OK maybe not gorgeous, but it is good to see. It’s a slightly odd feeling being closer to the ceiling with the floor having been raised about 190mm. I can also now open/close windows without standing on a chair.

Up to now my weekly payment runs have been pretty steady. From here-on the bills are going to come thick and fast. The render still needs finishing. Then the start of the electrics, plumbing, boiler, radiators, bathrooms, kitchen, tiles, flooring, door linings, window boards, skirting, architrave, fireplace, lighting…and more. And more. And more. And then it still won’t be done.

I am sneaking away from site as I have hit ‘the wall’. I am pooped. Done in. Energy-less. And a tired That There Builder Girl is not remotely productive. Even Mr. Clooney rocking me to sleep at night has had little effect on my rejuvenation.

So it’s half a week for me this week, and half again next. A serious adult would go home and rest-up, but I am away with a gaggle of girls to put the world to right.

Neil and Andy are on the job as always, and I have ordered a delivery of another 300m of batten and 100m of 3by2 timber. That should keep them busy.

Now where’s my passport…

Screed finished and UFH manifold in place.


Not really a builder. Nor a girl in the youthful sense of the word. Bitten by the building bug and keeping a record of the experience. Know a little but learning a lot!

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