Six months in…

It’s true. This week is number 26 in my project. Six months of huge effort – mostly from Neil and Andy along with a few other helpers on the way.

Rob the Roofer has been with us recently..and I am delighted to announce the roof is officially… a roof. Eight weeks of ‘oh my..’, ‘what the heck is that…’ and ‘oh no…’ with me quietly weeping into my cups of tea. But the end is here. I never thought I would ever drool over a roof but, boy oh boy, it does look gorgeous and I won’t have anyone say otherwise. Rob did a simply brilliant job and in tough conditions.

Next week is a turning point in this project as the underfloor heating goes in which means the floor level rises 175mm or so with insulation, another damp proof membrane, the heating circuits, a vapour barrier and screed. More on that next week.

Downstairs with oh so much to do.

It won’t be long until the aesthetic needs to be considered. Tiles, flooring, porcelain, taps, kitchen cabinets, wall switches, internal doors, ironmongery, etc.

The kitchen and utility design has been finalised and I am just waiting on quotes from suppliers. I spent hours on this, measuring and re-measuring and then measuring again – and I still got my measurements wrong. What is wrong with me!!

I called Neil and Andy to the rescue and they used a length of batten, a tape and a pencil and got it right in one. Handy fellas them there builder blokes.

My evenings and some of my weekends have already been spent slathering over tiles and taps; trying to decide if a toilet has the right design for a comfortable poop(!); if the shower has the look and all on a budget that has been squeezed because of my beloved roof and various other surprises encountered over the last 6 months.

I have also been studying stairs and external doors. The front door can wait until we are no longer kicking it in with wheelbarrows but the back door can go in now. The stairs would be handy too, but they are a complex collection of bits. My little brain is struggling to understand what is needed, how many parts and where they go.

This week is finishing with installation of shutters (not those fancy things but pieces of wood to hold back the screed) and a massive clean up downstairs in readiness for next week. Everything must be removed from the floor. Much of the materials – wood, bricks, cement, etc, is hauled upstairs for storage and the big broom is out.

The clean up is a very dusty, dirty job.

Upstairs with much to do too!

I had a surprise visit this week from my brother (who was working in the area). I am not sure whether the look on his face was horror or glee. He knew the property inside and out from visiting the family when it was a pub and internally it is no longer recognisable. But it certainly doesn’t look like a home either.

Similarly, he has known me forever. As he arrived I was wearing my tat jeans, 4 layers of t-shirts, fleece and hoody along with gloves and my fantastic, but somewhat manly builders boots.

He didn’t mention my attire at all.

How grown up we have become!