I had a dream…

End of week 13 and not only do I work on this renovation project, but now I am dreaming about it too. On Tuesday, I dreamt that I should knock through a door to make the boiler more accessible. This dream happened in time to make it realisable without any knock-on problems. Yay, Neil said, as I asked him if it was possible!

Last night I dreamt about the structural engineers drawings and the task to open up an entranceway upstairs. This was no doubt as part of a discussion at the end of the working day with Neil. The property is on two levels upstairs…and in order to access the lower part we are going to widen an opening, but also raise the entry height so people over 5ft can step in comfortably without taking the top of their heads off.

It is complex (for me anyway) and the structural engineer was asked to provide the necessary drawings and weightings. This job (started today) required some proper thinking before anything was touched. A wrong move could literally bring the house down as there are supporting purlins and joists to consider.

So before the work started Neil and I studied the drawings. We discussed the process; what needed to be propped, what could be held up temporarily with a few spare pieces of timber and hex screws; what could be demolished immediately; where the new purlins, joists and hangers would go, and more. He left the site satisfied that the plan to proceed this morning (Friday) was a good one. I went straight to the local shop and bought a bottle of wine !

Confused was One !!!

But my sleep delivered an understanding.

When I awoke, not only did I understand that I still could not decipher the engineers drawings but I realised that was OK. I have Neil and Andy.

I can bake cakes: I play golf pretty good and I was OK at marketing. I am now also very good at banging in nails. We don’t all need to know everything.

We did OK today. Not quite finished, but the house is still standing.

I hope to dream about cakes tonight!!