All work and no play…

I am one of those personalities that loves learning new stuff, regardless of what it is generally. It’s one of the reasons I had a fairly successful career in marketing. I had to work on numerous brands and products from cars and garden tools to computers and sanitary products and had to learn a lot about the products. And I was definitely one to take my work home with me – alas!

Now that I am the apprentice on this building job, its the same thing. Neil and Andy are answering my questions on a daily basis and my learning slope is steep – even from basic stuff such as plumbing pipes that are brown go underground. I also now have a handle on inspection chambers, risers and couplers. Yippee!!

But life should be more than work (not that I call this work) and it’s good to divert the brain. Living in a caravan limits my evening entertainment. No TV. There is a video player but I am not really a film buff. So its the radio, podcasts and music on my phone primarily. And oh boy, what joy there is to be found in podcasts.

I thought I might share some which may be of particular value to anyone else going through a similar process. Some are American …but once you get over that they are worth a listen. Some real life. Some might make you chuckle. Some might make you shout out loud at no-one in particular. All entertaining. (Quick shout out to my mate Annie who keeps a watchful ear out for anything I might like). These are the ones I have been devouring the last 10 weeks.

The two things that keep me going after the hard work of daily renovation. A large mug of coffee and podcasts playing through my Jam Heavy Metal (great sound!).

I haven’t found a decent renovation/property podcast. If you know of one, do let me know. Or any other recommendations very welcome.

I also read a fair bit – currently Rules of Civility by Amor Towles and the soon to arrive Book Club book – Drive your Plow over the Bones – Olga Tokarczuk. What a great title.

There is also a constant re-read of Housebuilders Bible 12 – Mark Brinkley (13 is out now). Extremely informative for anyone with limited knowledge or renovation and housebuilding like myself.