Did you ever have that dream when you fell out of a digger…?

I am away from site this week…like a holiday but in my case it means I get to stay at home and in my own bed and I get to use a toilet all week without having to carry the collected contents elsewhere to empty. I love this life.

I am still doing stuff though. Speaking to trades. Getting quotes for kitchen and bathroom materials, plumbing, heating and electrical and so on. My budget is limited so I have to make sure I can get the best possible job for the best possible price. I am not talking the cheapest, but I need to know there is value in what I am getting.

In the meantime, my slightly damaged body gets a little ‘me’ time. Time to recover from the previous 6 weeks efforts. The physical side is one thing, a bit like getting used to working with a personal trainer. The knocks and bruises is another thing completely.

Letting someone like me onto a building site is like letting a puppy loose on a dual carriageway. Others will do their best to ensure the puppy is safe but it’s sort of inevitable the puppy will end up with some sort of injury. Hopefully not death!

That’s me. I am punctured, pinched, stubbed, scraped, scratched and dented. My hands are worn out. My fingers literally ache. Can’t describe the state of my nails and my knuckles look like I have been in a round with Anthony Joshua.

The left side of my body from my elbow to my knee is bruised as a result of tumbling out of the mini digger! Thankfully it didn’t fall over with me.

I have a little egg on my head which I have knocked several times now and numerous dents in my calves.

Otherwise I am looking forward to doing some baking, a day or two on the golf course – rain or not – but also a night out wearing a slinky number and just to remind myself that I am actually a wee feminine lass and not just That There Builder Girl.


Not really a builder. Nor a girl in the youthful sense of the word. Bitten by the building bug and keeping a record of the experience. Know a little but learning a lot!

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