That was the week that was…

Who ever thought this madness we are living through was possible? Not me. I returned from my extended trip to Portugal last Saturday, very pleased to return home. I spent the weekend working online, sorting out the budget, paying invoices and was planning to stay in Bristol on Monday to order numerous building materials from […]

The waiting game…

Having escaped the site for a couple of days to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to get some much needed rest, I find myself with a gaggle of lost souls sitting at a kitchen table contemplating the current global crisis and wondering how and when we are going to get home. This short break away […]

Timing is everything (part two)…

So back in December I wrote about how important timing was. You’d think I would follow my own posts. Timing is very important and I forgot. I have been so focussed on getting to a first fix date that I have forgotten to allow for a number of other to-dos prior to first fix. This […]

What a difference a day makes…

Actually, make that a month. February has gone. March has arrived and we have just had two consecutive days without rain. The joy of it. This means that the external rendering process has actually begun. Two days in and one long side of the property has been primed and also received a coat of render. […]

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. One from (or two including Clive) who has already started on their “New Build” down in St Ives ….. DON’T DO IT!!!!
    Of course, you will!
    Good luck – won’t start sharing yet in case it frightens you off! But will follow with interest.
    Lots of love
    Sue and Clive xxxx


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