A year like no other…

It’s the end of another year. A year without any major building work. My builder girl year has revolved around managing the many frustrations of being a small cog in the big property development world. Actually, not even a cog. More like the pin head screw that sits inside the cog given the amount of […]

Keeping busy…

It can be frustrating with all the waiting. The new house in Somerset is still on hold. It looks like nothing will happen until at least Spring 2022 and no guarantees that the phosphate issues will be resolved by then. No idea what the authorities are doing about it…except it was extremely surprising to hear […]

On your marks, get set….

Do not go ! Not in Somerset anyway. Still nothing happening with South Somerset District Council and their planning department. Seems that they are bereft of ideas on how to tackle the phosphate issues on the Somerset Moors. Next week they are 12 months over their approval date on a planning application that already had […]

The long silence…

Who knew it would take this long before I could emote again? It is three months since my last blog. Sounds a bit like a confessional except I can absolutely categorically state that I have not sinned!! I could say that life has been full of exciting and thrilling incidents but we all know that […]

Follow my goings-on. It may help you and it will definitely help me know I am not alone in this quest!!

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. One from (or two including Clive) who has already started on their “New Build” down in St Ives ….. DON’T DO IT!!!!
    Of course, you will!
    Good luck – won’t start sharing yet in case it frightens you off! But will follow with interest.
    Lots of love
    Sue and Clive xxxx


  2. Absolutely amazing what you have achieved so far…..
    Now have a well earned break and enjoy Christmas
    Mandy and Dave xx


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